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Creating Safer Environments

Our mission at Standing Stone Consulting, Inc. is to help create the safest environments possible, while at the same time supporting and enhancing the primary mission of our clients. We know that the environment heavily impacts performance and behavior, and by understanding and manipulating the environment we can positively influence behavior and improve performance and security. Our consultants work closely with our clients to develop effective strategies that create a place that is productive, comfortable, and safe.

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History of the Standing Stone

The Standing Stone, sometimes referred to as the “Oneida,” is about six inches square and 14 feet high. It stands at the confluence of the Juniata River and the Standing Stone Creek in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. It is believed to have marked the cross-waters of the two streams for both Indians and pioneers alike and they often met at the Stone to trade goods and information.

In 1999 Standing Stone gathered a concerned group of security, crime prevention, and emergency response experts and began offering their expertise to clients. In 2001 Standing Stone incorporated and has continued to build its family of conscientious consultants who bring the highest level of expertise to Standing Stone Consulting, Inc. They are dedicated to providing individualized, cost effective solutions that will work in our client’s culture and context. This depth and breadth of experience makes Standing Stone unique in the security and emergency response consulting field. No other company has our capability or ability to provide such effective and innovative solutions from so many different perspectives.

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